Geoffrey Preston is one of the UK’s leading architectural sculptors.

He studied sculpture at Hornsey College of Art and then trained as a stonemason and carver. A founding director of two of the country’s most respected conservation companies, he was at the helm of many significant projects including the pioneering restoration of the 18th century hand modelled plasterwork at Uppark House.

In 2000 Geoffrey set up his workshop in Devon to concentrate on making new decorative plasterwork and sculpture.

How we work

Geoffrey leads every project, assisted by modellers Jenny Lawrence and Kate Montagne and a floating population of skilled freelancers. Our beautiful workshop is less than three miles outside Exeter, surrounded by the rolling green hills of the Perridge estate.

Much of our work is first modelled in clay, then a silicone mould is taken from it and used to make a cast in plaster. We also work in stucco – a technique that had its heyday in the 18th century and which is now very rarely used. With this medium there is no moulding and no casting – the finished piece is directly modelled in the material and therefore completely unique.

Please get in touch to find out more about commissioning work from us.

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Registered Office: 10 St Loyes Terrace, Exeter, EX2 5DD

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