Flower Study I (2012) – SOLD

March 1st, 2020

This unique relief is from Geoffrey’s private collection. It was modelled in stucco, inspired by the modelling of flowers and leaves in the finest 18th century plasterwork.

Hand-modelled stucco had its heyday in the 18th century and is now rarely used. A combination of lime, gypsum, a fine aggregate and a binder, it is mixed to a putty consistency and modelled into shape with small metal tools as it sets. A work in stucco is absolutely unique – there is no moulding or casting – the finished piece is straight from the sculptor’s hand. Geoffrey learnt the technique at Uppark, where he led the team of sculptors that restored the five state room ceilings after the fire of 1989. He continues to explore the material and its possibilities for new sculpture.

Flower Study I was first shown in the exhibition A Symphony of Curves at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in 2012. It was subsequently exhibited at the Lawrence House Museum, the Harley Gallery, the Foundling Museum and in the Georgian Group’s Splendour – Art in Living Craftsmanship exhibition. This is the first time it has been offered for sale.

The panel measures 87.5cm wide x 61.5cm high. It is framed in a deep cherry wood frame (the frame depth is 6.5cm, the modelling projects further). The stucco is in its natural lime white colour and the background is painted.

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Stucco flower sculpture by Geoffrey Preston

Flower Study I (Photo © Nick Carter)

Geoffrey Preston Flower Study I on display at The Foundling Museum

Flower Study I on display at The Foundling Museum, 2015 (photo courtesy The Foundling Museum / Johnny Grieg)

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Installation:  Flower Study I can be hung with mirror plates or similar, in much the same way as you would hang a framed painting.

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