Limited Edition – Sea Garden (2019)

March 1st, 2020

In the words of Odgen Nash, Tell me, O octopus I begs, is those things arms or is they legs? This curious and charming pair of panels are original designs – with a splash of rococo spirit.

Created in 2019, they were prompted by a fabulous commission from The Goring hotel and interior designer Russell Sage. At The Goring we sculpted a wall of high-relief plasterwork for the bar and lounge, which included medusae, a mermaid, merman and dolphin-like sea monsters. Poseidon ruled over them all. Afterwards, Geoffrey decided to revisit some of his earlier design ideas and these two panels came into being. An octopus inhabits one and a cuttlefish the other. The seaweeds are commonly found on British shores and include Sea Belt, Bladderwrack, Purple Laver, Furbelows and Peacock’s Tail. Their serpentine shapes and long flowing curves echo the scrolling acanthus leaf shapes found in rococo decoration. Marine botanical illustration such as the work of the 19th century zoologist Ernst Haeckel was also an inspiration. They were exceedingly good fun to make!

Modelled in clay and cast in plaster, the Sea Garden panels are available in a limited edition of three pairs. Each pair is cast to order and signed and numbered on the reverse. Each panel measures 140cm wide x 231cm high.

Please scroll down for ordering, delivery and installation information.

Sea Garden – the Cuttlefish panel (photo © Mark Girvan)

Sea Garden – the Octopus panel (photo © Mark Girvan)

Geoffrey modelling the octopus in clay

Kate finishing the cuttlefish

Detail, octopus (photo © Mark Girvan)

Detail of the cuttlefish (photo © Mark Girvan)

How to order:  Please contact us on for a price list.

Lead time:  Please allow up to eight weeks for your order to be cast and dried.

Finishes:  Surfaces are unfinished but can be painted if required (we recommend a good quality emulsion, thinned, and applied by a sensitive decorator).

Delivery:  The Sea Garden panels will be delivered personally, within the UK, by our team. International delivery is by a specialist courier. In both cases delivery is charged at cost – please ask us for a quote.  For international sales, VAT, tax and export charges may differ. Please ask for details.

Installation:  There are two options for hanging the panels. They can be surface mounted on metal brackets or fixed flush with the wall and made good. We are happy to advise on installation and provide a quote if required. Please note the panels are moderately heavy – each weighing c. 90kg, and therefore a sturdy substrate is required to support them.

Further information and high-resolution photographs are available on request. Please contact Geoffrey or Jenny on 01392 811421 or