Poltimore (2006)

March 1st, 2020

This stucco relief is from Geoffrey’s private collection. It is a direct copy of some of the glorious flowers and leaves in the Saloon at Poltimore House, Devon.

Poltimore is a Grade II* listed mansion near Exeter. Much of the house is a ruin, but the plasterwork in the 18th century Saloon survives in surprisingly good condition. It is a rococo tour de force – festoons of flowers, roses tumbling from baskets, garlands of leaves – all modelled with grace and vitality. Geoffrey made his piece as a study of the style and techniques of the masters who created this room. It was made in the Saloon with the kind permission of the Poltimore House Trust.

Poltimore Study was exhibited in A Symphony of Curves at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in 2012, and appeared in subsequent exhibitions at the Lawrence House Museum, the Harley Gallery, the Foundling Museum and the Georgian Group’s Splendour – Art in Living Craftsmanship. This is the first time it has been offered for sale.

The panel is modelled in stucco (a combination of lime, gypsum, a fine aggregate and a binder). It measures 62cm x 62cm and is framed in a deep cherry wood frame (the frame depth is 6.5cm, the modelling projects further). The stucco is in its natural lime white colour and the background is painted.

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Geoffrey Preston's stucco flower sculpture

On display at The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, 2012 (Photo © Nick Carter)

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Installation:  Poltimore is framed in a cherry wood frame and can be hung with mirror plates or similar, in much the same way as you would hang a framed painting.

Further information and high-resolution photographs are available on request. Please contact Geoffrey or Jenny on 01392 811421 or info@geoffreypreston.co.uk